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The Department of Mathematical Statistics was established on 1998 year at the faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at Kazan State University due to the growing demand on specialists in Mathematical Statistics. The members of the department perform high-quality research activitity in areas of:

  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics;
  • Quantum Structures of Functional Analysis and Their Applications in Quantum Informatics and Quantum Probability;
  • Functional Analysis;
  • Theories of Measure and Non-Commutative Integration.

The department actively develops its unique scietific area of d-posterior approach to the problem of statistical inference.

The lecturers conduct classes in mathematical and IT disciplines:

  • Mathematical Analysis;
  • Functional Analysis;
  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics;
  • Algorithms and Data Structures.

In the context of special courses the classes are conducted:

  • Mathematical Bases of Probability;
  • Multidimensional Statistical Analysis;
  • Theory of Stochastic Processes.

The Department also provides postgraduate study. Within the Master's degree «Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Informatics)» the program "Methods of Applied Mathematical Statistics" is conducted by the department.

The head of department is Associate Professor Radik Ashatov.